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Welcome to
Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue

We are the original Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue.
Our dogs are in foster homes, never kenneled, temperament tested, socialized and vetted prior to adoption.

Our goal is to find the perfect home for each individual dog and each one has their own personal representative.

Our mission is to find loving, lifetime homes for all Southern California Golden Retrievers in need, regardless of conditions or circumstances.
We will always strive to heal the sick and injured, rehabilitate the neglected and abused, and nurture the aged and unwanted until we find the perfect family who will shower them with unconditional love.

Our vision is to build a refuge – a sanctuary – to serve as a halfway house where each of our beloved Goldens can rest and recuperate, prior to being placed with a foster or permanent family and moving on in their new lives.

Latest Events

  • Gideon and Johnny Walker Fundraiser!


    13043521_10154193179903410_5584046616156384934_nWe received a call on our emergency line about a dog that was hit by a car that had eluded rescue for several days. Finally a good samaritan was able to capture the golden. The dog had no tags and needed our help. The vet now thinks this this dog was a abused by a human by most likely smashing a board against his body with nails attached causing puncture wounds which being left untreated for so many days has become necrotic and will require surgery to remove the dead and dying tissue. This poor baby was covered in ticks all over his body sucking the very life from him.

    A Good Samaritan found him and brought him to AMC for emergency care and released him to us after no microchip or other forms of ownership were found. Evidence of him living in the streets for weeks were clear by his coat, nails, and state of health living under a car for weeks. With your help, we will be able to heal not only his body, but his heart and soul.

    A donation of any amount will help defray the cost of this any others angels we take into our care. Please help by going to:


      Johnny Walker.

    Here’s a video of the amazing Johnny Walker. He needs your help.

    You may also read his adoption post as he is looking for a very special family! Click right here!

  • Our 2015 Annual Report is Here!

    Click Here to view our Annual Report for 2015

    SCGRR 2014 Cover

    Learn about what we accomplished in 2015 including heartwarming stories about the wonderful dogs we saved together



  • Pooch Parade!

    Pooch Parade in Ventura.

    The Pooch Parade originated eighteen years ago and is a celebration of love for all dogs. The walk is a beautiful three mile round trip along the Ventura Beach Promenade, and yes, the dogs are walking their people in long lines of smiles.  The walk is a fundraiser to support dog rescue, rehabilitation, adoption and dog owner education programs undertaken by Canine Adoption and Rescue League (C.A.R.L.). July 17, 2016.