Meet Athena – Adopted!

Meet Athena, our little Warrior Princess. She is as smart as she is cute and enamors everyone she meets! Athena is crate trained, house trained, loves her people, gets along with other dogs  (would probably terrorize cats), and is ready for her new family. Here are things to consider:

Puppies need supervision: All puppies need someone around during the day to interact with them, provide lots of walks, training, and playtime. A tired puppy is a happy puppy. A puppy that is not supervised will become destructive. Athena still has her razor sharp puppy teeth that could do damage to phones, shoes, remotes; really anything expensive she finds quite curious. She is a counter surfer and if given the opportunity probably a dumpster diver. She attempts to clean dishes in dishwasher and likes to search for things under cabinets and couches. Watch her….if she’s quiet, she is probably into something. 

Puppies need training: Athena is super smart and a fast learner! She knows sit, down, shake, kiss, no bite, drop it, come, go potty, and stay (sometimes). Athena needs a family dedicated to training and keeping her brilliant little mind occupied. A bored puppy is a destructive puppy. She loves to learn new tricks for treats so given her eagerness to learn, will be a quick study and a star pupil.

Puppies need socialization: This is so important. Athena is at a critical period in her life where she needs to learn how to be a dog. Taken away from her mama at about 8 weeks old, she has had no littermates to play with or other dogs to interact with for an extended time. She is showing Alpha tendencies and this is a good time to get a handle on it. Athena meets other dogs on walks nicely and wants to play. If they seem aggressive or bark at her, she will lunge, growl, and bark back.     

Puppies need forgiveness: Guaranteed she will get into something she is not supposed to, or have an accident. Be mindful that everything within reach is fair game. Positive redirection is always best practice. Athena is great with kids but we feel older kids would be best. Like most puppies, she can be mouthy and likes to steal action figures, Legos, stuffed animals, toys, socks, etc; and if she gets hold of your hand while playing…keep thinking razor sharp teeth. Athena is going to be a big Golden. She pulls hard on leash when she gets excited and sometimes jumps up (see #1: Puppies need training). Her barking tends to intimidate people too.

Puppies need a lot of attention and playtime: All work and no play is no fun for anyone…especially a goofball golden pup like Athena. She loves to play chase-stalk-attack, tug o war, tetherball, Frisbee, fetch (she is a true retriever), stuffed toys, balls, and loves to chase the water from the hose. Athena LOVES water and will dump and play with water dish. She loves ice cubes and will blow bubbles in water…sprinklers, kiddie pools, and puddles are a blast. While she has not had the opportunity to experience the beach or a pool, our guess is that she will be a water dog.

Puppies are a lot of work: Athena has 16 more months of puppyhood ahead of her. The cute and cuddly phase is wonderful, but short lived. She will be a big golden with a mind of her own so needs a dedicated, active family, someone home most of the day to give her proper supervision…well, all of the above.

Puppies need a family with a sense of humor: Golden puppies are goofy and Athena tops the chart in goofiness. Here is just a glimpse of what she does to entertain herself: Athena on the trampoline. Yes…she got herself a ball and jumped up there all on her own and had a grand old time!


Athena’s ID# is 4381 and her adoption fee is $600