atticus puppy

Baby Atticus

Can you imagine being a happy healthy 8 week old puppy and having you face bitten by a 7 month old husky? Having a family that loves you, but unable to provide medical care? Ten days go by, your little puppy face is swelling, you can’t breathe right and something is wrong with one of your eyes….

Well that is the story of this little puppy we have named Atticus. His family realized that he needed more then they could do and put him up on Craigslist looking for help and we jumped in.

He is at the California Veterinary Specialist Hospital in Murietta where he is undergoing a head CT scan, seeing the eye specialist and undergoing tests to determine how extensive the injuries are. As you can see in the picture, his sweet little face is crooked and we are pretty sure he has lost his sight in the one eye. SCGRR is committed to taking care of our newest little one.

We hope you will open your hearts and help us with what is already a substantial and steadily growing medical bill.



First and foremost we want to thank everyone that has sent a donation or shared our sweet Atticus. Without you we couldn’t do what we need to do to save our goldens in need.

And this is one golden that needed us.

The injuries Atticus sustained by being bitten by his family’s Husky are devastating.

The left eye is damaged, there is no vision in the eye and it is at risk for developing glaucoma which is painful due to the increased pressure to the eye. It will need to be removed in the near future.

His nasal passage on that side was also crushed so he has no or little use of it. It was recommended we wait a few weeks so the crushed bones can heal and make the reconstructive surgery easier since there is no current neurological deficits or impairment of breathing since the other nasal passage is undamaged. The plate that protects the nasal passage to the brain has been moved and is slightly pressing up against the part of the brain that makes smelling possible. It is too dangerous to him for us to perform brain surgery, so the surgeon wants to pass on that for now. The surgeon is also putting together a 3-D view of the damage for us so we will post that when we get it.

We are so thankful for the wonderful staff at California Veterinary Specialists that took care of Atticus during his CTscan. Of course they fell in love with him! He was happy to come home to his fosters and is now taking a nap after dinner.

This boy has a long road ahead of him but there has been such a show of love and support he knows what it is to be loved!

More updates and pictures to follow as we get this sweet boy on the road to his furever family!