Bentley came to us just one week after we became fosters. He was an Owner Turn In (OTI) and hadn’t been seen by anyone at SCGRR.  He arrived with a cone that was extremely filthy around his neck, mats that were dragging on the ground, and he was barely able to walk.  There were no vets in the desert that were associated with SCGRR, so we worked hard to get ours approved.  I cried through those first days praying that he wouldn’t die before he saw the vet.
At 12 years old this boy had been around the block.  He had had a hematoma in his ear that had not been treated properly and is prone to chronic ear infections. There were tumors everywhere, but a very large one on his rectum and also on his thyroid, causing issues when he pooped as well as difficultly breathing.
He hid in corners at first.  Slowly, but surely, he began coming closer to us and our SCGRR rescue, Crosby.  We started him on joint supplements almost immediately.  Once we decided with the vet (wonderful Dr. Randazzo) that he was healthy enough to remove the tumors we did so.  They are cancerous and we were told it was aggressive and to look for coughing.  That was December 5th, so far – no coughing. His breathing and bowels are perfect.
We began to fall in love with this sweet boy.  He loves his little brother, Crosby and has learned how to play again.  He prances a lot and smiles even more.  Every morning at the same time he runs to the door for his daily walk to the park where he relishes every stinky smell that he can! 
Now 13 1/2, he sometimes shows his puppyish personality and makes us laugh.  He travels with us in our RV and loves being with us ALL the time.
Bentley became a permanent foster as I could not fathom him having to get used to yet another home….. and, yes, I became a failed foster.  We thank God every day that he has had almost another year, but this one with a loving family that takes amazing care of him. Thank you so much for this opportunity!