Bentley came to us in rough shape.  He is 13 years old.   Bentley has some tremors when standing up and struggles with that so his wonderful foster parents, Mary and Dave, give him the hand he needs.   Bentley has a few bumps and lumps and we think at least one of them may be cancerous.   We decided that his foster home with his foster brother Cosby is the best place for him to live out his time and where he will be the most loved!

We asked Bentley’s foster mom to tell us a few things about him!
1) He loves it here
2) He and Crosby get along really well
3) He has a very healthy appetite
4) He is very affectionate
5) He has started to like playing with toys (just started this week)
6) He loves classical music (especially Through a Dog’s Ear by Lisa Spector)