Celestina Recovery Story

Celestina, or Tina as we are calling her for short, is a senior who ended up as a stray at the shelter.  Our volunteers noted her and one went to see her right away.  She was so sad and scared, trembling on the ground.  We had to wait a week to see if her owner would come to claim her.  No came. It was clear she was going to have some major medical issues: her left eye likely had glaucoma that had been untreated to the point it would probably need to be removed. She also had a mass on her foot.  At her age with these issues, the chances of her being adopted were pretty slim…

This is what Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue is all about. We are going to take care of her medical problems that would have deterred an adopter and treat her.   So the moment she became eligible to be released, a volunteer was there to pick her up. The shelter staff were very appreciative, after a week they had seen what a sweet girl she is.

She went off to get spayed, but the shelter’s vet deferred it.  By then it was late, so she went home to her foster’s for the night.

After a week in a cold kennel she was happy to be inside a nice warm house with a soft bed to lie on.  She kept coming up to her foster mom and gently placing a paw out as if to say thank you, or pet me some more.   Poor baby was matted everywhere, even between the pads on her paws. It took about four hours to patiently get her combed out.  One of her dew claws was curled and almost had grown into a full circle.

The next morning we were off to the vet.  Her left eye is swollen about double the size, and the vet confirmed it was glaucoma which had been untreated so long that the eye would need to be removed.  Also noted was an ear infection, which is going to be treated before surgery (anyone who has ever given a dog ear drops can appreciate why! They shake and shake their heads afterwards).  Removal
of the mass on her toe and dental cleaning will be done at the same time as the eye surgery.

So today she is going back to her foster’s after a MUCH needed bath, to treat the ear infection and enjoy her foster home. She has a foster brother and sister, who she fit right in with. She viewed the family cat with curiosity. She is affectionate and engaging.  We can’t WAIT to see her blossom with good medical care and love.  Tina’s medical bills will not be cheap.  Please consider making a donation to the rescue to support the costs of her care. She is one sweet Golden girl who richly deserves this second chance!

UPDATE 2/26/2016
Tina did well through her surgeries yesterday. She came home today. Besides the enucleation of her eye, they removed a nodule on her toe and did a badly needed dental cleaning. Wish I had taken “before” pictures of her teeth, what a difference! She is still very mellow, and for the next week to ten days, a quiet recovery is planned. So far, no cone has been necessary, although we will put one on if we have to leave her. She ate her dinner tonight and has been happy back at home. She is getting antibiotics and pain medication so she is comfortable. What a sweet girl she is!

Update 3/7/2016
Stitches are out! Here she is snoozing but she can’t wait to get out for a walk.   She gets so excited when the leash comes out and now she can go for a real walk! (Recall she had stitches on her foot as well).

Her eyelid is still a little puffy. They did a minimal clip on her face for the surgery.  Once the swelling goes down and the hair grows back, it will just look like her eye is closed.   Look for her on the web site soon!