Cozy’s Journey:   

Cozy arrived from South Korea on November 6th. Aside from the typical vetting needed (spay and immunizations) she also needed surgery. Cozy came to us with a lateral patella luxation, where her tendon was broken, causing her kneecap to pop out. Sounds painful, right? Sadly, this condition was caused by some sort of trauma.

Cozy underwent surgery on December 7th. Due to the fact she was so young and still growing, a more conservative approach was taken, hoping that it would allow her to grow unimpeded. The recovery time for this sort of surgery is 6 weeks.

Our initial update in January sounded promising, however x-rays have determined that she will need another surgery. This time a different approach will be taken as she is almost her adult size. Back to square one for Cozy. She is scheduled for surgery on March 15th. 

UPDATE 3/20:

Cozy’s surgery to repair her ligament was successful. Many thanks to the great veterinary care she received, and diligent care of her foster pop. Cozy will be rocking her pink cast for another 10 days ~ which gives her a little bit more liberty in her confined space as it restricts movement so she cannot re-injure herself. Once the cast comes off, she will be crated ~ allowed out for only potty breaks ~ for six weeks. Rehab can be tough but when we stick to doctor’s orders, we know in the end she will be good as new. Cozy will be joining us at The Unity Center for Pet Adoption Sunday, March 25th. Stop by and say “Hi!”