Cozy’s Journey
Rescued from the meat markets of South Korea, Cozy came to SCGRR on November 6th. She arrived underweight, not housebroken, very guarded in regards to her food. Her first vet examination revealed that she had not been spayed and her back right knee cap is blown. Her orthopedic condition is called a lateral patella luxation, which means that one of the side ligaments holding the knee cap in place has broken so when she bends her leg her knee cap rolls to the outside of her leg. The surgery will restore the position of the knee cap and requires approximately 6 weeks of recovery time.
She has been given her immunizations and spayed and is now waiting in her loving foster home for her surgery, scheduled for December 7th. Her personality has begun to shine. She is great with kids, cats, other dogs and her foster family is in love with her. Cozy hasn’t had love, nor has she had a home and is thriving being surrounded by family who has given her the warmth and nurturing she deserves.