Meet Daley!

Daley is a 13 year old rock star. She has a clean bill of health from her Vet, who does not think she is 13. She had a growth on her gum, which we had removed and biopsied. Non-malignant!  

She was turned into the Camarillo shelter by her owner who could not care for her any longer. She was dirty and covered with dreadlock type mats. After going to the groomer she came home with a funky haircut, but was so much more comfortable. She will have a beautiful coat when it grows out, with long feathers.

Daley would like someone who is home most of the time, but can be easily left alone for a few hours. Careful though, if something yummy or interesting is left down at her level she will scarf it down with no remorse. She loves to be outside in the yard, so we are looking for someone with a good sized yard. She fancy’s herself to be quite the huntress.

Daley is house trained and is used to having free access to the yard, at her fosters. She has been trained to not get up on the furniture. She loves her walks, lays down in the backseat of the car for bye bye…although she does need a little assistance getting into the car. She loves her people and will follow you wherever you go. She is the sweetest girl and deserves a home where she will be loved and adored.

It’s amazing the difference good food, meds to help with her arthritis, and love has done for her. Please keep in mind she does not act like a 13 year old, she loves to run and play with her 2 year old, 15 lb. foster sister. She is good with other dogs and plays with her foster cat.

If you are interested in this wonderful girl please contact her Rep. at Tell me why you would be the best caretaker and what Daley’s life will be like in your home.


Daley’s ID # is 4302 and her minimum donation amount is $300