Ellen’s Journey

Ellen came to us from Korea on October 19th. She has heartworm.

Initially, she was very scared and shy, afraid of the grass and dirt and wouldn’t venture on them. We believe she has probably been caged all of her life. Ellie has really been a challenge. She was so scared and not potty trained. She wouldn’t eat and getting her to take the antibiotics was hard.

Then all at once, overnight Ellie became a dog! She is on the grass, on the dirt, jumping up on chairs, eating everything in sight and even isn’t too bad with the meds. It has been exciting to see the changes in this sweet dog.  Her records say she is 3 but she acts like a puppy. She likes to shred magazines, chase her foster brother, jump on chairs and just be cute. Last night I saw her next to the bed as I was getting ready to go to sleep. She was chewing on some toilet paper. I discovered she grabbed it from the other bathroom and brought it into the bedroom, about 25 feet and the other end was still on the roll.

Today she is a happy, vibrant, sweet girl working on getting rid of those nasty worms in her heart. Ellie’s treatment plan involves combining doxycycline antibiotics with a topical treatment heartworm preventative at frequent intervals. With lab tests and medication, her overall treatment will run close to $750.