Fetch & Carry –

We received a call on our emergency line from a gentleman that needed our help. He had two 10 year old goldens that he had to find a place for ASAP. He was living in a trailer and was disabled, on disability and his landlord was going to evict him.

He had owned these dogs since their birth. Brother and sister – healthy and beautiful.  “Can you come and save them?”  If not, he would be forced to take them to the shelter.

Our wonderful volunteer Pat Markall runs to Yucca Valley, and
indeed, living in a tiny trailer is a man and his two goldens. So far so good…

Pat drops the female at the vet the next day after she had a bad night of a runny nose, draining eye matted shut and very heavy breathing. Vet confirmed major upper respiratory infection, but wait, that’s not all – major adult load of HEARTWORMS. Pat grabs the male and rushes off to the vet and yup, the male, while not as bad, also has an adult load.

Thankfully, our vet is able to get Immedicide and we will be able to start this very long, very expensive, very dangerous treatment on these babies that have been sick for only the heavens know how long.

They are loving, sweet, neglected and deserve so much better than they have known for many, many years. We are sure there was a time when this man who had them was capable of caring for them. He said he was a recovering addict who had been living in Sonoma before coming to the desert. He had also had their mother who passed a few years ago.

We will do everything in our power to make sure these angels get the very best care there is and live the rest of their lives knowing love and comfort, free from pain and want.

Any help you can give us towards this end is very needed and very appreciated.

We have named them Fetch and Carry.