Meet Abilene – Adopted!

Say hello to Abilene nee Abby. Abby came to us when her family moved out of state and could not take her due they were unable to find a rental that would accept a large dog. Having been with them since a puppy, she took it a little hard, but now after a few weeks with her foster family, she is beginning to relax and come out of her shell.
At 92 lbs, Abby is what we would politely refer to as a big boned girl. Her former family said she had not gotten daily exercise in about 3 years, and that would explain a lot of the weight gain. In her defense, she is tall for a female, but would need to get down to a much more healthy 70 lbs or so. She has started on a diet and exercise regimen, and should lose the weight fairly easily, as she loves her twice daily walks as part of a five dog golden retriever pack. Initially not very good on a leash, she has greatly improved, and meets people and dogs politely and happily on these walks.
Abby has great house manners, is perfectly potty trained and displays no destructive habits when left home alone. She doesn’t counter surf, she will not get up on the furniture, and is happy to lie on her own bed and survey the action. She has had some training as a puppy, and knows her basic commands. She doesn’t do much barking, unless it is appropriate. She enjoys car rides, and though needing some help in and out right now, she will likely be more agile as she continues to drop more of that weight.
Unlike many other golden retrievers, Abby shows no interest in balls or any other type of toy. What she is into, in a big way, are bones, rawhide and otherwise. And she does not like sharing those bones with other dogs-she will resource guard them as they appear to have great value to her. She has gotten into a scuffle with one of the resident dogs, also a resource guarder, but was quite frankly shocked when he reacted to her as well, as Abby is not a fighter. She has no issues of any kind with her other foster fur brother, who is a very laid back, submissive male.
Abby has a good temperament, and is a fairly low energy dog.Her previous family said that she was wonderfully patient with their kids and their friends, although she could be a little stubborn at times( like when she doesn’t want to give up a bone, for example ) but she will usually grudgingly oblige, as she will correct with a firm command.
Abby would do equally well in a home as an only dog or with another mellow, laid back canine companion. As mentioned, she has lived with small dogs, cats and rabbits, and has been gentle with all of them. Although Abby appears and acts much younger than her 8 years, she will look, and feel, even better once she drops her extra weight, thus her new family would need to commit to her ongoing weight loss. She will be a wonderful addition to any number of families, and is sure to bring much joy to any home. If you think you might have a great home for Abby, please contact her rep at
Aberline’s ID# is 4436 and at 8 years old she is a minimum donation of $350