Meet Alaina

ALAINA AKA “Moana,” was abandoned on the doorstep of a shelter with a 4.5 pound tumor on the inside of her back leg which was considerably painful and swollen.  This huge tumor, in combination with her obesity, made life for this sweet girl extremely difficult and greatly hindered her ability to get comfortable.  Walking was a painful endeavor indeed.  Thank goodness Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue saved her.

She has since had surgery to remove the large tumor and has lost over 25 lbs of body weight! Unfortunately, during her initial exam, she was found to have some big lymph nodes and has since diagnosed with lymphoma. She is currently on chemotherapy, but continues to have reactions to the drugs and new dosing regimens keep being tried. She is on numerous medications for her arthritis which has helped a great deal, but is expensive along with her chemotherapy.

She still has difficulty getting up and down and moans with each effort (hence her name!) On a good note, she is now able to go for short walks without getting overly exhausted and she is actually starting to play. She will carry a soft toy around in her mouth and LOVES to go out in the backyard and roll around on the ground which she tends to do several times per day, at least.

She loves every human she meets and will accept hugs and kisses from all. She enjoys sniffing the other 4-legged friends she encounters, but does not know how to play yet. We are hopeful that she will figure out what to do.

In the meantime, we are enjoying her company immensely and she has on occasion gone to work with her Permanent Foster Mom and hangs out at the office getting lots and lots of loving from all. She is the sweetest Golden EVER, if you know what we mean! 😉