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Meet Alec Baldwin – Adopted!

Hi I’m Alec Baldwin. My foster folks call me “Bear” because I look like a Polar Bear. I was found at a shelter where my adoptive family had returned me because their other dog didn’t like me. Funny…since SCGRR scooped my up I’ve lived in 2 foster homes, both with other dogs and I was just fine with them. Mind you, I’m not really into playing with them but I’m fine hanging out with them. I’m curious when I meet them but am not at all aggressive. When I meet them on walks, I like wag and a sniff, just like I’m supposed to. When a loose dog on one of my walks came after me, I did try to defend myself but my foster mom took control of the situation and told me to stop so I did. I totally didn’t start it!

My favorite thing in the whole world is people – all kinds, every moment. I’m a true “Velcro” Golden who will follow you around the house all day, go for rides with you and happily take long walks with you. I don’t run or get super boisterous. I meet everyone with a smile and love pets. I’m a pretty mellow fellow and a loving companion. I do like the tennis balls a lot (I will even shred them) but I don’t play fetch. I’m happy to roll them around by myself. I absolutely ADORE soft beds and get so excited I try to bite them and hump them but if you tell me to stop, I get it and quickly lay down. We had a visit from my foster mom’s grand daughter and I loved to lay and watch her…and make comfy piles of blankets with her. And even after she left, I still like to lay on a sleeping bag that she left behind. I also love to lay on furniture – sofas, chairs, you name it.

I haven’t met any cats but with my mellowness, I might be ok but no guarantees. I don’t know many commands but I am really good at “sit”. I walk well on a leash but I am strong so if I see something I want, I might pull a bit to get there. I get so excited when it is walk time, I will cheer you on by holding the leash! My foster mom took me to an enclosed area and gave me a bit of freedom – I stayed by her the whole time, watched her and walked with her. I know a good thing when I have it! I don’t jump up on people either. And I’m not really a barker.

I’m housebroken and can hold it for a long time – even a whole day. I have the run of my foster home when no-one is there and I’m just fine – content to hop in a chair and wait for someone to come home. But I do drink a lot and pee a lot whenever I’m out and about. My kidney’s look good on x-ray and so does my blood and urine so they think maybe I just love having access to water. I also have a little bit of early arthritis in my spine and tend to slip a bit on uncarpeted floors. I’d really like to find someone who will be my best friend, who is with me all day, who loves to take walks and who has lots of soft places for me to nap. A really active household might be a bit much for me.

If you are interested in making me your constant companion please write my friend Nedra at and tell her why you should be mine furever!


Alec Baldwin’s ID# 4222