Meet Alexander – Adopted!

Meet Alexander. Alexander is everything you’d expect from a golden … wiggly when he greets you and always willing to play a game of fetch to retrieve his favorite toy or ball, yet just as happy to be calmly sleeping by your side. His name could be “Shadow” as he definitely is always close by. This is especially useful when taking a walk as he rarely pulls on the leash. He seems to get along well with everyone he meets and is such a sweet likable boy.
Alex gets along with pets as well as people, living in his foster home with another golden retriever, a cat, and a backyard tortoise. He will give chase if the cat decides to run thinking it is a game, but otherwise is perfectly content to hang out with the cat nearby. We understand based on Alex’s paperwork from the shelter that he lived with another dog in his previous home. In his foster home he seems to look to the other golden for direction and is very comfortable with pets around. For this reason, we think it would be best for Alex to go to a home with another friendly pet.
Children will be okay over the age of six, as Alex is not known for taking treats gently. Alex’s foster family has been home with him most of the time, but he has been left for a few hours at a time both inside and outside the house and has caused no troubles. He is trusted with full reign of his foster house and has been perfect. He has even been a perfect traveler, joining his foster family on an unexpected road trip to North Carolina. It took him a few days to adjust to living in a motor home and a house that moved, but he got the hang of it and seemed to enjoy meeting new people and seeing new places each day.
At 9 years old, Alex still has a lot of energy, especially when there is a ball needing to be retrieved. The vet identified no known medical issues, but his foster family started giving him some joint supplements as he seemed to get up slowly on his back legs. They’ve seen an extra spring in his step since starting the supplements.
If you are interested in welcoming this friendly, easy-going boy into your home please contact Pam at
Alexander’s ID# 4226
At 9 years old, the minimum adoption donation for Alexand is $300.