Meet Astro – Adopted!

Meet Astro-a handsome golden boy (maybe a little lab thrown in there?) who showed up at the shelter as a stray and though chipped, sat unclaimed through his holding period, when we were able to go in and pull him out. A very sweet boy, he is young, the vets thinking only about a year, certainly no more. Despite that, he is potty trained, and has pretty good house manners. He is also crate trained, not super thrilled to get in, but once in, he’s good. He does not really know any commands, other than sit for a treat, and will still jump on people for attention, which his foster mom is working on. He enjoys his walks but pulls on his leash-he is improving over time, especially with the aid of a gentle leader and/or harness.

Astro has not been introduced to many dogs it appears, and he gets very excited to see them. While he definitely wants to play, he is not really sure how to do that, and since he was only just neutered last week, he thinks humping another dog might be a good way to say hello…..NOT. Once the older dog( unless he’s a wuss) has shown him that that behavior is frowned upon, he gets the message pretty quickly. And as a few more weeks go by, that will also continue to diminish as his hormones quiet down.

Astro is living with a cat right now-he likes to chase after him when the cat teases him, but they eventually just ignore each other, so he is good with cats. He can have a little stubborn streak in him if he does not particularly care to do something, like get down off the sofa, though he will eventually concede, sometimes grudgingly. Being still so young, he hasn’t quite figured out yet that he is not the alpha in the home, but he is a smart boy and is starting to get it.

Astro is your typical velcro golden-at his foster mom’s side at all times. He LOVES being with his people and his family, and prefers to be in the thick of things. He is sweet, loving, and a little needy at the moment, more than likely due to his over extended stay at the shelter. His foster mom works from home- he is thriving in that environment, and we would like to find another similar situation for him, as he is still very young and will not do well alone 8+ hours a day. He is also good with kids older than 8, the age of the littlest one in his current home. He is an energetic puppy who needs his exercise, or he will find a way to expend it on his own-two short walks a day will not cut it for him, and he would do best in an active, energetic, and athletic home-he would probably make an amazing running/hiking partner.

If you have the perfect home for him, and would like to possibly meet him, please contact his rep at Please ensure that both your on line application and your home interview are complete, or we will unfortunately not be able to consider your application.

At 1 year old, Astro is a minimum adoption fee of $600

Astro’s ID #4499