Meet Baya – adopted!

If there was a Golden Dictionary for the sweetest girl; it would have a picture of Baya! Baya was a stray who was found by a Good Samaritan who took her in and allowed us to find her the perfect home.

Don’t be deceived by her sugar face. The vet feels her age is closer to 8 years old, as she is very active and loves to play in the yard. One of her favorite games is fetch. She is a passive little girl who is so loyal and loves to be around her family and meeting new people. Baya will follow you around, like all Goldens do, but she also can lay around on her own and relax.

She loves everyone she meets and loves to give kisses. She is very gentle, kind and not nervous, fearful or skittish, at all. She has medium to high energy and has shown no aggression, whatsoever. She’s very playful and just the happiest girl; smiling all the time. She likes to lie on the couch and watch TV with her humans in the evening. Sometimes she forgets her size and will lay on you like a lap dog. She has been nicknamed “wiggles” by her fosters because her whole body moves when she wags her tail!

Baya is very friendly with all dogs and plays well with them. She is alpha but not aggressive. We are unsure about cats. Baya loves to play with stuffed toys and has even buried a few in the backyard! She loves to chase balls, also. So, basically, she enjoys ALL toys and you will not have a problem taking them from her, as she is so gentle. She likes to drink from the hose but has yet to show any interest in the pool.

She loves to go for her daily walks and tends to pull but is easily corrected. Baya also loves to chase and watch the squirrels in the backyard. She can sit by the door and watch them for hours. It’s really cute!

Baya eats well and doesn’t really beg but is always interested in what’s going on in the kitchen at meal time. She doesn’t counter surf but does counter sniff as Baya has a great sense of smell. Not surprisingly, she will take food gently from your hands.

Baya is housetrained and does well in cars. She does move from the back to the front so it’s best to use a safety belt with her. She currently sleeps in her foster’s master bedroom on her own bed and sleeps well and will wake up when you do. She knows some commands, is highly treat motivated and learns quickly. She will only bark when strangers enter the backyard. Baya likes to play outside but prefers to be inside with her family.

Baya is very well-adjusted. She can be left alone for a limited time. She does well if left with a Kong or chew bone filled with treats to keep her busy.

We feel Baya would do well in a semi-active home, as long as she is able to be active like she enjoys and one where she is not left alone for more than a few hours, as she is a very social girl and loves her humans. We also feel that Baya would do best in a home with another dog to play with. She is such a joy and would be a great family dog

If you have completed an adoption application with our rescue and have had your in-home interview, please write to Kris at to let me know how she would fit in your world.

Baya’s ID# 4132