Meet Bennie C – Adopted!

The following bio was written by his sweet foster mom who loves him very much!

This handsome boy is Bennie. Bennie came all the way from China. He was on his way to the meat market and SCGRR stepped in saved him. Lucky for Bennie but even better for his potential adopters because Bennie is an all around great dog. He has a beautiful deep red coat with a cute ridge or mohawk on his nose. He is also one of the sweetest dogs you will meet and loves to give kisses when he gains your trust. 

We suspect he was abused in the past, but he is learning that human touch can be kind, he no longer cowers or lies down when you pet him. But on a walk is very timid with new people that approach him.

Bennie has a gentle mouth and takes toys and food from you oh so carefully. He rarely barks and has not had any potty accidents in the house and unlike most male dogs he doesn’t mark. He likes soft toys to carry around, but if you have laundry, kitchen towels or shoes he might pick up and carry those around too. He also likes to “smell the roses” and if left unsupervised in the yard he could pluck them and eat them. This also includes bark and succulents.

Bennie is learning English and commands like: come, stay and sit. He is a quick learner and works for food. At our house he has learned bedrooms are off limits but I’m sure if you are a home where he can sleep in the room or in the bed with you he will greatly oblige. He likes his daily walks and does well on a leash. He also likes to play ball and surprisingly will retrieve and drop the ball for you.

Bennie is a typical shadow golden who likes to follow me from room to room and when I sit down to work or watch TV he will lie right next to me. He has tried to chew on the carpet and the furniture but stops when given a correction and rewarded with a chew toy.

He loves to play with toys and will toss them to himself and pounce around like a bunny rabbit. Bennie can be fearful of new situations like going in the car, sudden noises or movement of men. Once he learns that the person is kind, calm and quiet he relaxes. He is great with my toddler and has learned to lie in his bed during her meal times and waits for HIS treat, he never jumps up and he sniffs and licks her carefully. He is good with other dogs but can be fearful of them barking at him on walks. I think Bennie would do best in a quieter home one were he gets lots of one on one attention and love. He is pretty mellow for two years old and likes naps but when he gets the zoomies watch out! Whoever adopts Bennie will be so lucky! He is an all around great dogs and deserves a Good Home.

If you think you are the right home for Bennie C and can explain why, send that e-mail to his rep Karen at and let her know!

Bennie C’s ID # is 4276 and his minimum donation amount is $800