Meet Big Redd – Adopted!

Say hello to Big Redd, whose dad lost both his home and his dog after a divorce necessitated him moving in to an apartment. He re-homed him to a relative, who evidently did not do such a great job, as he found himself a guest of the local dog pound on a few occasions, needing a bailout. Finally, for his safety, he was relinquished to us by his original owner.

Redd came to us quite underweight, even at 78 lbs, with a skin infection, covered in ticks and fleas, and a double ear infection. He had evidently spent a great deal of time gnawing on rocks or bars, as his teeth are very worn down. Might have been his only form of entertainment, poor guy. He also might have spent a lot of time kenneled or crated, as his muscle tone is not where it should be for a big boy like him. Despite all this, Redd remains one of the sweetest boys you would ever want to meet, and now, he has put on a few pounds, his skin is healing, his fur is growing back in, and he is ready to meet his forever family.

Redd is a great dog, who acts and appears far younger than his 7 years. He is potty trained, is well past the chewing stage, and only barks when he has a reason to. While he is generally good about leaving things that do not belong to him alone, he is not above a little counter surfing if the opportunity arises. He loves his toys, and loves to parade around proudly holding tennis balls and stuffed animals with him. He enjoys playing with his foster fur brother George, and shows no signs of resource guarding of either toys or food. He is happy to go on a walk, and is reasonably good on a leash. He has met and interacted very well with kids, and is very gentle when given treats. He is indifferent to the resident cat. He enjoyed his bath, but we have yet to discover if he is a swimmer or not.

Redd is an even tempered, happy boy, with a wonderful sunny disposition, whose tail never stops wagging. He is a velcro boy, who follows his family around and likes to keep tabs on where they are, yet he shows no separation anxiety when left alone. He absolutely loves attention, and like many goldens, can be insistent on getting it, nosing and nudging his human to remind him he is still there. He is incredibly sweet and social, and just wants to be with his people at all times.

Redd is a big beautiful boy who LOVES attention, and he will thrive in a home where he will be lavished with a ton of it, something he might have been in short supply of in his prior life. He is great with humans ( and kids), dogs, and cats. Ideally, he would love a friendly canine companion, a home with an active person or family, and a large outdoor area for running and playing in. If you are interested in giving Redd his forever home, please contact his rep at

Big Redd’s ID# is 4463. At 7 years young, his adoption fee is $350