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Meet Birdie!

Meet Birdie, a well-trained, well-mannered, sweet-3-year old female Golden Retriever who has tons of energy, but needs touch-sensitivity behavior modification. She is very food & ball motivated, and would benefit from taking part in agility work! She is smart and learns quickly, previously trained as a service dog. She’s expressive and fun. She loves gentle pets and will roll over to wiggle for belly rubs. She can be stubborn and is possessive of her toys (can’t we all?). She LOVES to fetch, and brings the ball right back, will “drop it”, “sit” and “ready…find it” – wicked fast runner!  A proven dog-savvy adult leader-of-the-pack is needed for Birdie. This person will also need to respect, and be willing to work on modifying Birdie’s touch sensitivity/reactiveness.  We believe adults who enjoy aerobic training and providing mental stimulation are important for Birdie’s success.  Birdie also likes other dogs, lived with cats, loves water, jogging, walks well on leash….she just won’t “share” her toys.
Other commands Birdie knows include: heel, stand, drop (on your belly), down (don’t jump, but she loves greeting people at the door with a jump up), wait, stay, ready (eyes on me), come, spin (360 to right), twirl (360 to left), over (jump), shake, high five, settle (sit/lie and stay still). Her new family will want to brush up on all these commands. It will be fun!
For reasons we are not sure, when Birdie is allowed to obsess over a toy/ball she can become aggressive when touched, pulled or pushed away from the item- she has bitten. Therefore, Birdie was evaluated by a Dog Behaviorist who deemed her non-aggressive toward humans. She has only bitten while in the obsessive, high-intense-focused state, when her humans physically moved her (or tried to take her toy away). When Birdie reaches this threshold with her toy, she becomes unaware of her surroundings. Interrupting that focus by distraction using a treat or bouncing a ball is the recommended method. Continuation of simple games to desensitize touching of the tail/hind end/back feet are recommended.  If given proper exercise the “obsessive moments” are easily controlled – Birdie is high energy, high-play, highly intelligent. Did I mention gorgeous? But that is not what’s important here…..
Please contact Birdie’s rep at (email with an explanation why you would be a good fit for Birdie, and how you could help her to succeed and be a good canine family member, human-lover and fun companion. 

At 3 years old Birdie will be a minimum donation of $500.


Birdie’s ID#4122