Meet Bliss!

Meet Bliss, whose elderly owners were moving into assisted living and needed to re-home her. Despite being very sad to have to let her go, and she taking it even harder, it was probably a very good thing for Bliss who was allowed to balloon to 124 lbs due to a total lack of exercise, and a thyroid imbalance that was not addressed. Now, after only three weeks in foster, and proper thyroid medication( very inexpensive), she has already lost 14.5  pounds, down to 110. Her foster mom and I are thrilled because, at this rate, she will be down to her ideal weight in no time!

Bliss is a sweet, even tempered, medium energy girl, with a very mellow disposition. She has lived with small dogs, and gets along well with her two senior foster golden sisters. She has great house manners, no destructive behavior (well, she does feel the need to eviscerate stuffed toys, like your typical golden), and no signs of any guarding or aggression of any kind. She knows basic commands, such as sit, shake, stay, and wait for a treat. Bliss is the perfect babysitter, too-she is wonderful and very gentle with her foster mom’s grandkids, 4 and 6, and keeps a watchful eye on them when they are there. We do not know how she would be with felines, but based on her disposition, she would probably be fine with them. She loves her walks, and is very, very good on a leash. She has great mobility for a big girl, and she will be ever so much better as the weight melts off of her.

Bliss is a calm, loving, and affectionate girl, who enjoys being around her people. She would do well with another calm and mellow canine companion, or as an only dog, and would probably enjoy having her people around during the day. She needs a family who will commit to continue her weight loss regimen, a not so difficult task given that she is far from obsessed with food, and enjoys playtime and walking. She will make a wonderful addition to any number of homes, particularly one where she could truly enjoy her golden years. If you would like to meet Bliss and give her that home, please contact her rep at


Bliss’ ID# is 4336 and her minimum adoption donation is $300