Meet Bridget!

Hi my name is Bridget!

I came to SCGRR from China where I was rescued from the dog meat trade. My age is kind of a big question mark, but the vet thinks that I am 2-4 years old, even though I still look like a puppy! My foster mom has been trying to fatten me up (I’m only 45lbs!!). I am small to medium sized and won’t get too big.

I also have the energy level and general craziness of a puppy. I’m working on potty training, but I still have accidents in the house. I can sit, shake, and lay down, and am very receptive to learning new things, even if it takes a bit of practice. I am a major counter surfer and will chew or eat anything I can get my paws on.

A note from my Foster mom:
Bridget is an absolutely adorable pup who clearly had a very rough start to life. She is really cute, but she is a lot more than a pretty fuzzy face. She requires almost constant observation, and has an uncanny ability to find and chew up literally anything within her reach. It is clearly anxiety driven behavior that is exacerbated when she is left alone at all.

Currently at night she does best being crated, but will wake you up every few hours to pee and be reminded that you’re still there.  She is still getting familiar with her new surroundings and being a dog versus food.

She is about 85% potty trained and she is still learning how to play properly with people and playfully bites me pretty regularly. 

She loves people but has severe food aggression towards other dogs, which can be worked on with a trainer.

She absolutely adores my dog if there is no food involved.  She deserves to be in an absolutely amazing home, but she is in her young adult years and she will need a lot of patience and a bit of time, but I’m fully confident she can break these bad habits with good training and a lot of TLC.

What I would love for a forever family:

  • A family that will be patient with me and understand I still need training
  • A family that has someone home most of the time or can take me with them where they go a large yard for me to run around in and lots of toys for me to chew on
  • A family that can take me on lots of walks or throw the ball for me so I can get my crazies out 
  • A family that either doesn’t have any other dogs, or is willing to do food aggression training with me
  • A family that will shower me with lots of love

If you can provide me with the home I need and have had your In Home Interview, please email my rep at: 

As an International rescue, Bridget’s adoption fee is: $1500

Bridget’s ID is 4692