Meet Bugsy

Bugsy is the result of a backyard breeder. Born with bilateral buphthalmus. His left eye has no lens and his right eye lens is pushed way back so eventually Bugsy will be blind.  And because he couldn’t be sold he was stuck in a cage to short for his growing body so the muscles in the lower part of his legs didn’t develop leaving him looking like a duck. Finally when he was 4 months old they just turned him loose on the street and he was picked up as a stray. He spent almost a month in isolation  at the shelter before we got the call to come and take him. He was finally free!

He is under Dr Ashton of California Veterinary Specialists of Murrieta care  for his eyes now, going in every month or two for testing and has to have 4 different kinds of drops/ointment for his eyes. He adores Dr Ashton and gets so excited when he realizes he is going to see her! He started getting plenty of exercise and swimming and those muscles in his legs have gotten stronger. You can hardly tell unless he is tired there was ever an issue with them.

At only 9 months old now he has a lifetime of darkness to look forward too. But more important now he has a lifetime of love from so many people!

He now lives with a foster family that has a little lab/golden mix rescue named Fauna. They quickly bonded and now Bugsy depends on her when he is feeling scared or uncertain in a situation. They are inseparable.  Bugsy gets to go out to SCGRR events to meet his many fans. He and Fauna have their own Facebook page where you can follow their adventures!  https://www.facebook.com/faunaandbugsy

Come and Like their page or come out and see him at the next SCGRR event!

He will have a happy, full life thanks to the many volunteers and supporters of SCGRR