Meet Calinda – adoption pending!

Say hello to pretty Calinda, nee Cali. Despite having lived peaceably with her two older canine companions since joining the household as a puppy, she and one of the boys had decided they no longer cared much for each other, and were not getting along. For that reason, and in fairness to the older male, her heartbroken family felt it necessary to re-home her.

Cali is a happy and confident girl. Past the puppy stage, she has very good house manners-no inappropriate chewing, barking, or (mostly) counter surfing. She has lived with children as young as 7, and although never having met a cat before her feline foster brother, she shows little to no interest in him. She also gets along very well with her super mellow, laid back golden fur brother George, happily sharing (his) food, beds, and toys with him, ha!

Cali loves her people, but is not a velcro girl, and she can exhibit a little stubborn streak upon occasion. Allowed on the furniture in her prior home, in her foster home, when told to get down, she will grumble a bit but will generally comply. She LOVES to talk to you, and can get very animated, even dramatic at times. She walks well both on and off leash, and meets and greets people and other dogs well. She really enjoys swimming, stuffed animals, and chew toys, and rides well in the car.

Cali is a sweet, friendly, and social girl, who has plenty of enthusiasm and energy for her daily exercise, whether it be a nice long walk or hike, a run, or a swim. She gets super excited upon seeing her foster parents in the morning, and loves to jump up on the bed and squeal and give hugs. Ditto in the afternoon when they arrive home from work. That said, she he can also settle down nicely in the evening and is a great companion.

While Cali gets along well with all dogs, she will not do well with another alpha canine companion, as was the situation that led to her being relinquished to begin with. She would probably also be fine as an only dog, as long as she was not left alone for 8+hours a day-she is not accustomed to that-quite the opposite, she came from a busy and social household, and she needs a family that will be able to give her sufficient attention and match her energy level. She is a big girl, so dog savvy kids who don’t mind being knocked down on occasion would be okay. Her prior home was on over an acre, with a pool, and she really enjoyed both, so a similar setting would be ideal for her, but not absolutely necessary-a beach would be okay too, ha! If you think you have the perfect home for Cali, and have completed BOTH your on line application and your in home interview, contact her rep at

Calinda’s ID# is 4342 and her minimum adoption donation is $400