Meet Caramel – Adoption Pending!

Say hello to pretty Caramel, or Cara as her foster mom calls her. Cara was relinquished to us with a familiar back story-gotten as a puppy by a family with young toddlers, both of whom work full time, and no real time for her. They wanted us to find a family that did, and I am sure that will not be a problem.

Cara is still very much a puppy. Having been left pretty much to her own devices for the first year of her life, her training is minimal. She knows a few commands, such as sit, stay, stop, go, and (sort of) down and leave it. She is potty trained, but will counter surf with the best of ‘em. She will also chew, as with most pups, everything will go in to her mouth for a quick (or longer, if it is to her liking) “what is this? might be a good thing to chew on”, so lots of toys for redirection, and a healthy dose of vigilance would be a good idea. Her leash manner also could use a little work. None of these behaviors are unusual-she is a puppy, and all can be addressed fairly easily with continued training.

Cara is a beautiful young girl with a sweet disposition and a fairly even temperament. She is high energy-she really needs those walks, runs, and dog park trips, as she is on her best behavior when she is tuckered out, and everyone knows a tired puppy is a good puppy! She is starved for one on one attention-she did not get too much of it in her previous home. She loves to be with her people all the time, whether inside or out. She loves her walks, and interacts well with all she meets, canines and humans. She loves stuffed animals and tennis balls, and anything else she can play with. She is good on car rides-she will just lay down and chill.

While Cara would be fine in a home with kids, she can be pretty exuberant, so very little ones might not be a good idea at this point. She would do best in a home where she can be the only dog-although she does not mind other dogs outside of the home, she really wants her people all to herself. Being still a puppy, she needs someone around most, if not all the time, so a stay at home or work from home mom and/or dad would definitely be preferred. If you think you could give Cara the home she needs, please contact her rep at and let her know why you would be the best home for this sweet young girl. Please ensure that both your application to adopt and your home interview be completed prior to inquiring about Cara or any other dog(s) on our site.

At 15 months old, the minimum adoption donation for Caramel is $500.

Caramel’s ID# 4256