Meet CeCe and KeKe – Adopted!

Meet the girls, CeCe and KeKe, beautiful litter mates who are extremely bonded to each other. They came in to rescue when their family underwent a change in their living situation and were no longer able to care for them-they were actually pound bound when their owner was told about us by an acquaintance, and instead of leaving them at the shelter, where they would surely have been split up, they were dropped off with us, where they surely will not.
The girls have been staying at what I term the “party house”, a brand spanking new state of the art 24 hour manned center whose owner loves dogs and wants to do more to help, so has offered to foster pups for us(and the dogs sure love it!) Both of these girls are housebroken and crate trained, and have good house manners. They walk well on a leash, and they ride well in a car. They do no resource guarding of any kind, toys or food, and are happy to share with all their doggie friends at the daycare. They are not big barkers, and are not destructive in the home. Both enjoy tennis balls more than other things, and both enjoy fetching.
The girls have a very even temperament, and show no signs of shyness. They do prefer to be together at all times, at the very least within sight of each other. CeCe loves attention, is loving and very cuddly, and loves getting belly and face rubs, prompting you for more when you stop. She can be somewhat stubborn, but with light direction, she will always comply(although she likes to think it is on her terms.) KeKe is very loving as well, very easy going and listens well. She can be protective of her sister, and other dogs as well-she has a nurturing attitude, and does not like to see other dogs barking at each other, or worse, fighting.
KeKe and CeCe have lived with children as young as 5, and do well with them. They have lots of energy, and they can play for hours before they tire. They love to run and explore, and would love to have a large yard or property to do that. Although we have not had the opportunity to observe it, CeCe loves the water, and KeKe not as much. Although they have some minor training, both would greatly benefit from more. They love being around people, and of course, need to be around each other, and they will only be adopted together. If you have already submitted an online application, and had a volunteer visit your home for an interview, and think your family could give these girls their perfect home, please contact their rep at
19 months old  old, they are a minimum adoption of $600 each.
CeCe’s ID#4338 and KeKe’s ID#4339