Meet Chandler – Adopted!

Say hello to Chandler. Just like his fellow rescue Astro, brought in to the shelter as a stray, with no microchip but already neutered, which means he was owned by somebody somewhere. And just like Astro, we were very surprised when no one stepped forward to claim him.

Chandler is potty trained, knows a few commands, loves riding in the car, and walks very well on a leash. He gets along well with large dogs, pretty much ignores small ones, and was indifferent to the resident feline at the vet upon meeting him. He is still very young, and retains many of his puppy qualities, some very good, others, not so much. When left to his own devices alone, he does like to chew up paper, plastic bottles, and any remote he might find. That goes for cell phones, as well. On the positive side, he will bring you your shoes, socks, or underwear, undamaged-his idea of making up, ha!

Chandler is as velcro as they come-he is one huge lover. He craves attention and love-he needs to be around you, or on you, or have any part of your body, even a toe, touching him at all times, and he will lay there content for hours. His foster mom feels that he is desperate for love that he probably never received, so he is soaking up every bit that he can now that he is getting some.

Chandler is living with a couple of teenagers in his foster home, and does great with them, but may be a bit overwhelming for really little kids. Given his choice, he would certainly prefer his humans be around as much as possible. He would be fine as an only dog, or do equally well with another canine companion. 

If you have the perfect home for him, and would like to possibly meet him, please contact his rep at Please ensure that both your on line application and your home interview are complete, or we will unfortunately not be able to consider your application.

At 2 years old, Chandler is a minimum adoption fee of $500

Chandler’s ID #4517