Meet Charlie and Freddy!

Charlie and Freddy are a couple of happy-go-lucky pups that happened to find themselves in an unfortunate situation. With their family having to move abruptly, they were taken to the pound. Luckily their stay was a short one and since arriving into rescue, they have been perfect house guests in their foster home.

It is apparent these dogs were loved and well cared for. They have been given the title of ‘The Perfect Gentlemen’ by their foster family. Both are gentle, sweet, and very calm considering their ages. Both Charlie and Freddy are house trained.  Their indoor manners are perfect; no counter surfing, neither are barkers (although Freddy has a bit of a howl on occasion). They do not get on the furniture, and love watching television with their foster mom and dad at night. They love to sleep together, hang out together, and go for walks together. As a rule, we do not feed them together. They will sit for treats but watch your fingers! This is a work in progress, as is their training. Both know “sit.” Their limitations are directly proportional to our grasp of the Spanish language.

Freddy and Charlie take a few daily walks a day; first thing in the morning about a mile to do their business, then again another three mile jaunt together, and lastly a short walk in the evening. They walk wonderfully on leash individually, and together on a splitter.  They have been great with everyone and every dog they meet.

They don’t appear to know anything about toys and do not wrestle together like most pups their age but they are great companions. Every once in a while they will entertain us with a great game of chase. You need to get out of the way because it is like a freight train running through the yard. Retrieving is also a new concept. Both will chase the ball when thrown, neither will bring it back; they tend to skin it then chew it up but have never been destructive with human belongings.  

Click here to see them running about with the ball.

They do well when left home alone and have not been destructive. They have not been left outside alone but we believe they would be fine; as a matter of fact, we believe they were pretty much outside dogs in their previous home. There is a smaller dog in the home and all get along fine. We have no history with cats or children; they have probably never been exposed to the beach or a pool; both ride well in the car.

What kind of home are Charlie and Freddy looking for? An active family that enjoys lots of walks; maybe hiking or road trips to the local mountains. Due to our limited history with them, we will not consider a home with cats or young children.

If you think these pups would be a match for you, contact and tell us a little about you and the home and life you would provide for these wonderful dogs. If you are looking for a bonded pair, adopting these two would be like hitting the jackpot. 

Charles Xavier’s ID# is 4298; Freddy Freeman’s ID# is 4175

Each have an adoption fee of  $500. They will only be adopted together.