Meet Daisy Buchanan and Mac!

Daisy Buchanan and Mac are a beautiful cream bonded pair!  They came into rescue because their human mum passed away sadly. They were very loved.
Daisy Buchanan is 9 years old and Mac is 10 years old.  They are both housebroken. Daisy Buchanan knows a few commands like sit, and she can catch treats!   She can be stubborn when she doesn’t want to do something, she’ll plop herself down and ignore those ridiculous humans!
Mac has a metal plate in his front paw, we think perhaps he broke it at some stage in his life. Doesn’t seem to bother him, just a little limp sometimes – this is why we recommend shorter walks. Mac likes to sit and retrieve balls, and he can catch treats in his mouth too! Mac can be a bit of an escape artist though – if a window is open or you leave the door open, he’ll take off – so care is needed there!
They are both leash trained, and like going for short, gentle walks. Daisy Buchanan gets a little excited at walk time and will tell you how happy she is when she sees her leash!   They are both friendly and loving. Daisy is a little shyer than Mac, or maybe just coy?   Both dogs are great with other animals, children and people. They have no problems with strangers or small animals.
These two are loving, sweet, kind, gentle Goldens and will fit in pretty much any home!  If you think that’s your home, please write their friend Cheryl at  and let her know why!
At 9 and 10 years old, they are a minimum adoption of $300 each.
Daisy Buchanan’s ID# 4322
Mac’s ID# 4005