Meet Danyal – Adopted!

 Meet gentle Danyal, another one of our international rescues come to us from Turkey. This lucky boy was found as a stray in Turkey, his age has been pegged at around 6-7 years old, and it appears that they were not easy ones, particularly upon seeing the condition he came in in. Despite that, this has not diminished his enjoyment of life and his love of people, and you could not hope to meet a sweeter dog.
There are really no negatives associated with this boy. He has great house manners- housebroken, he doesn’t counter surf, he is not a barker, he doesn’t chew, nor does he have destructive tendencies. He displays no fears or shyness, and displays no separation anxiety when left alone. He enjoys his walks, and his leash manners are very good. He knows a few very basic commands, such as out, stay, no-he may know more, but possibly just not in English.
Danyal is a mellow, laid back guy, with a great temperament. He is living with two younger golden doodles with a tremendous amount of energy, and while he himself does not engage in much play with them, he happily tolerates them. He is not much in to toys, but does enjoy chewing on a good rawhide or Nyla bone. He gets on well with all dogs that he meets, and although he has not yet met any felines, he would likely do fine properly introduced. He would also be gentle enough to be around children of any age.
Danyal is a loving, easygoing, constant tail wagging kind of guy, who is a pleasure to have around. He would do well as an only dog, or equally well with another mellow canine companion. He is a fairly low energy guy, and does not require a lot of exercise-he is happy to take his daily walks and just chill with his family the rest of the time. He is a special guy, with his totally sweet demeanor, and will bring much joy to whatever family he winds up becoming a part of. If you have already completed the application process, and would like to give Danyal a soft place in a loving home to spend his golden years in, please contact his rep at
Danyal’s ID# is 4277 and his minimum adoption donation is $600.