Meet Darius!

Darius is truly a wonder pup! Golden through and through with a bit of Spaniel mixed in, he has a big personality in a cute, little package. This cuddle bug was born mostly blind and has managed on his own his whole life so he has great coping and navigation skills. Sometimes we think he might have a little vision as he dodges around objects. He was found in Turkey wandering as a stray by our rescue partners and hit the jackpot in coming to the United States to SCGRR. We removed one eye because the pressure was so great it was at risk of rupturing but that hasn’t slowed him down one bit.

Darius has discovered the joy of a family and LOVES following his foster mom about as she goes to and fro. So someone home a majority of the time would help him to continue his bonding with humans. He enjoys long walks so hopes to find a human who enjoys the same and is willing to help guide him as he doesn’t always walk in a straight line. But his foster mom is working with him on some verbal cues and he is making great strides. He would do ok with older children in a quieter household that respects his needs. Small children or a super active home would be too much for him. He loves massages, scratches…and as he builds trust in his human companions, he becomes quite the cuddler. He does not get up on the furniture.

He currently lives with a small, quiet and subdued terrier. A similar canine companion would be ok but large, energetic pups make him very nervous. We think cats would be fine. He doesn’t seem to notice them at all when in proximity. He is a playful pup and shows more and more of that side of himself every day. He loves his stuffed toys and he has attempted to play-bow with his foster sibling a few times.

Darius has been working on his English – specifically Careful, Come, Sit and Stop – and is doing well. He is housebroken but does have free access to the yard at all times during the day, sleeping comfortably inside all night. He knows how to use a doggy door. He is working on his fear of cars, buses, lawnmowers and the pitch of certain fans. He hopes you will have the patience to reassure him and praise him when he is brave…and to protect him from the dangers at large. As he is gaining confidence in his home environment, he has started to bark at new voices or new sounds. This could be alerting only but should be monitored to make sure it doesn’t advance into full on protection behavior.

Darius will need drops in the remaining eye for life – not to restore sight but to keep it from following the same fate as his right. Other than that he is a healthy, young boy. His hearing is very developed but his nose hasn’t quite kept up. He is working on “find it” with treats to help develop that more fully.

Because of his “disability”, a 1 story home with open layout and access to an open yard would be ideal. Hopefully you don’t have plans to redecorate or re-do your yard anytime soon. If you’ve never lived with a blind dog, here are some tips! It’s pretty intuitive!

You can see Darius in action here:

If you are looking for a golden personality in a small package, love walks and have a quiet household – think about Darius! And if you have completed your application and home visit please contact Darius’ friend Nedra at

At 4 years old the minimum adoption donation for Darius is $600 as we incurred transport costs from Turkey
Darius’ ID# 4359