Meet Deogee

Meet Deogee, a 1 yr old Golden mix that is dog-friendly, ok with cats and loves all humans, big and small. He needs a little bit a training, as he is only 1 yr old. He is only 35 lbs and is a cuddler. Deogee loves car rides and being carried like a baby. If you are good to him he will trust you with everything and let you do anything with him. He is excellent with other dogs and even cats. He is super sweet and mellow, very calm boy. He has a medium energy level for being so young. He loves stuffed toys (destroys them) and to chew on a bone and to play fetch.
He needs a home with a family where someone is always home to keep him company as he does not like being alone .Deogee is exhibiting separation anxiety randomly, but is doing well in a crate for a few hours when left alone. His new family will want to work on this.
He loves his long walks/hikes in the hills and is great on leash. He’s met small kids on walks and seems happy to be petted and greeted by them, but we do not know if he’s ever lived with small ones. Someone home most of the time would is a must; and willing to work on his confidence in being alone (as we can’t take our doggies everywhere, all the time, even though we want to).
If you are interested in adopting Deogee and have what it takes to help him over his anxiety, please inquire to his rep, Deogee is in rescue with Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue. Please confirm that you’ve had your home interview in the inquiry. 
Deeogee’s ID# is 4106 and has a minimum adoption donation of $600