Meet Edward – Adoption Pending!

There are dogs that come to SCGRR that, in spite of a horrendous background, still exude happiness, enthusiasm and warmth. Edward came to us with this, and so much more. Because his teeth were in such horrible condition, he immediately had 20 extracted and we started working on helping him gain weight. The muscles on the top of his head had atrophied because he had not been able to use his muscles chewing for so long. This added to his unique and quirky look of adorableness.

Edward’s love of life – his enthusiasm for food, a good walk and tons and tons of cuddles is unmeasurable. He quickly adapted to his foster family, his other four-legged roommates and the house rules (of which there aren’t that many, but he cheerfully followed the few in place).

This lovable dog is approximately 8 years old, healthy but does require soft food. He loves to eat, loves to be the center of attention and loves life. His goal is be a constant companion to someone who wants unconditional love, acceptance and a foodie companion, and is patient in guiding Edward to a forever home. He pulls a bit at the beginning of his walk and thinks he’s a lap dog, which actually kinda works because he’s a medium-size Golden. He carries toys around in his mouth, but graciously shares when asked. Food is very important to him and will try to sneak off the plates of others – both human and non-human, but knows “no” and will reluctantly make retreat, only to reappear a few minutes later.

If you would like Edward to be a permanent member of your family please submit your application and have your home interview done before contacting us at  Let Rachel know what life at your home would be like for sweet Edward.
Edward’s ID# is 4301 and his minimum adoption donation is $350