Meet Fender- Adopted!

Fender is a beautiful 4.5 y/o golden retriever/great pyrenees mix relinquished to us due the sudden change in his owners health. Fender was adopted by them when he was around 5 months old, and had been with them since.

Fender is a very sensitive dog, who when first placed with his prior family began the relationship displaying some separation anxiety when left alone for longer periods of time. Nothing major-he would not destroy the home or the yard or anything- but he would get worked up ,pant a lot, and get up on the furniture in order to see when “mom” and “dad” are coming home, if left indoors. When left outdoors, if not left in a secure area with a strong gate, he would manage to get out frequently in order to look for them. Once he felt secure, after a few months time (and a secure outdoor metal gate, ha!) the behavior subsided and eventually disappeared. While he has displayed some of this now in foster care, it is not as bad as we anticipated, and he is making huge strides daily.

Fender’s foster mom says he has great house manners, knows how to use the doggie door to go outside and do his business, is respectful of the other dogs toys and food, and sleeps quietly through the night. He is super mellow with them when at home, and loves to lay on the couch snuggling with you, or in bed with you, if permitted. He loves to follow his foster mom around, and does love his people, but is not needy. While loving to chill, he also enjoys romping with his young foster sister Holly, and she has been huge in easing him in to his new environment. We have not tested him with felines, but were told he will chase them.

Here’s a video of Fender! Just press right here!

Fender is a loving, affectionate boy, with a gentle disposition. He will do best in a quieter home where there is a work/stay at home person. While he would be okay as an only dog, we feel another mellow dog would be greatly beneficial for him. As he has never lived with small children, we will only adopt him to homes with kids 12+ years old-younger, more rambunctious kids might be too much for him. If you feel that you might be able to give Fender his perfect forever home, please contact his rep at

At 4.5 years old  the minimum adoption donation for Fender is $500

Fender’s ID# 4324