Meet Forrest and Jenny!

Meet sweet Jenny and Forrest, probable littermates. They were recently left homeless when their owner passed away. They are both incredibly bonded to each other, and they definitely need to stay together.

They have been excellent houseguests at their foster home. Both house trained, they know how to use the dog door. They enjoy being outside and finding a shady spot to pass some time, but also love the comfort of lying by the front door, their bed, or almost any other place in the house. Forrest enjoys sleeping at the foot of his humans bed,while Jenny prefers a corner or her own bed. No destructive behavior when left home alone. Neither displays any signs of resource guarding with either toys or food. They like soft squeaky toys, and they enjoy roughhousing together. Like many young children. Forrest likes to take all his toys from the toy box to pick his favorite of the moment, usually the last toy at the very bottom. While they are very affectionate with their foster parents, they are not totally velcro-they have periods of independence, as well. They both enjoy car rides, with zero mobility issues of any kind. They do know basic commands, sort of, with lots of reminders. They both need a lot of work on their leash manners, as I suspect they have not been walked very often.

Both Jenny and Forrest have a moderate energy level. While they are happy with a good walk a couple of times daily, we know they would be happy to do much more. We don’t know about water and swimming, but they both do have some trepidation around the hose. We do not know how they would be around cats, but they do not appear to display a high prey drive around the small critters that they have seen.

As mentioned above, these dogs are incredibly bonded. They do not need to be together every instant-they are content to lay near each other or apart-as long as they know where in the home the other one is. Physically separated, they are anxious and unhappy and will search throughout the house for the other. Forrest could be considered the shyer of the two, and it takes him a little longer to warm up to new people. He is Jenny’s protector, and wants to make sure that home and hearth are safe. Jenny is more easygoing, and definitely more trusting, happily bounding up to new people to say hi. Both love affection and attention, and good belly rubs, and cannot stand to see the other one get any loving if they are not getting a little as well. We have not kid tested them, but they are very gentle overall, so kids over 7 might be okay.

If you feel that you could give these two the home they would love to find, together, please contact their rep at

At approximately 4-5 years of age, the adoption fee for this pair will be $900.