Meet Hooch – Adopted!

Hooch came to us when his owner passed away and he was left in the backyard. There was no one in the family who could properly care for him, so he remained in the backyard by himself. It is not known how long he was out there, but it is clear that he was neglected for some time as his ears were severely infected when he came to us. During his time in foster care, he was also found to have some allergies and is feeling much better. It is likely that he may need continued medication to help with this allergies.
He is so happy being indoors, and has become quite the Velcro dog. He is housetrained, but at times, his other house manners are a little less than perfect. He follows his foster mom around, until something catches his eye and he will pick up a toy, stick or plant and chew it. He has also been known to take things from his foster human siblings hands on occasion, but he is good about trading for one of his toys. He would benefit from some training, as he has not had much, if any, in the past.
He is happiest when he is with his people, either playing ball, taking a walk or getting a belly rub. He loves, loves, loves to be close to his people. He also loves playing with his canine sister.
Hooch is friendly with everyone he’s met so far, both canine and human. If Hooch could talk, he would probably say that he’d like a canine sibling to play with and an active family who is able to spend a lot of time with him. He would like someone who is good at belly rubs, or someone who would like to practice their technique. He would probably do best with kids who are slightly older, as he sometimes thinks they would like to share their toys.
If you think Hooch could be your newest family member, please contact Sharon at and let her know why you would provide the best home for him. All adopters must submit an on-line application and have an in-home interview with one of our volunteers prior to adopting one of our dogs.
At 9 years old, the minimum adoption donation for Hooch is $300.
 Hooch’s ID# is 4213