This sweet girl was turned in by her owners. She was obviously loved and well-cared for.

Hope does not have any bad habits. She is friendly with all she meets, housetrained and is not destructive. She only barks when it’s appropriate. She always has a smile on her face!

Hope is very people oriented. She tries to make eye contact with most of the people she passes and usually succeeds. Because she  likes people, people respond by liking her.  She gets quite excited when it’s walk time, and jumps up and down…. but basically she is a very calm dog. When not on a walk she’s generally laying nearby but not so close you trip over her.

Hope’s perfect family is one where someone will spend a lot of time with her as she is a true companion animal. Kids are fine as would be another dog. She does need to lose some weight so someone committed to a diet and exercise program is a must.