Meet Joplin *medical hold*

 Hi! My name is Joplin and I am a tiny golden with spunk and plenty of personality. I came from China and have had a pretty rough 6 years of life so far. You see, I got rescued in the nick of time. After having many litters of puppies I was sent to a dog meat restaurant, where I too almost wound up as a main dish. But that was then, and now I am here, ready to start a better life.
I am so amazed at this beautiful place I now live in. When I am on walks, I love to look out at big green spans of grass and will feel the urge to run and play in it. My foster mom lets me off leash when it’s safe so I can enjoy a moment of sheer bliss in the grass. I am pretty good on a leash too and learning commands like “leave it”, come and stay. I like walking next to my big furry foster sister. We get walked 2 – 3 times a day with a nice long walk before dinner. My foster sister is a golden too but I am only half her size. I’d like having a furry brother or sister but I’d be okay being your one and only, too.
I am a cuddle bug and want to be next to you. I crave your touch – I sometimes even close my eyes enjoying the warmth of your caress on me, something I never had in my other life. I am also pretty quiet around the house except if the doorbell rings or I hear a noise outside the house.
I love to go with you on car rides to the park, the hardware store, the pet store or anywhere you will take me. I absolutely love exploring the beach and hiking trails! There is so much for me to see and do. I am learning to swim but I am still a little scared. The other thing I love to do at the beach is chase seagulls!
I am house trained and learning to use a dogging door. It is a strange thing and I still need coaxing to go through it but I am getting more comfortable with it every day. I like to sleep in the same room with you, and if possible, in your bed. If you are not comfortable that, please let me sleep next to you in a doggie bed. I am a little protective of my food still (with my furry foster sister) but I have gotten so much better at that now that I know she won’t eat mine. I’m pretty smart. My foster mom plays hide-and-seek with me and my foster sister. I love that game cause I get a treat and nice hug when we find her. I learn quickly and I am usually the first to find her. I am learning to play with my foster sister but sometimes I won’t share our toys – getting better at that too but still need to practice. You see, I never had toys before. Oh, by the way, my tail is a little bit off to the right on my behind- I can’t explain why that is. It doesn’t bother me and hopefully it won’t bother you. My little wiggle when I walk is still very cute and my tail loves to wag.
I enjoy my naps but I am not ready to be a couch potato. I am fit and fun and looking for new adventures with you. I am looking for my forever family who will share their time and love with me. In return, I will reward you with love, sweetness and loyalty. I do well with other dogs and I like children too. At this point, I have not met any cats, but due my gentle disposition, I would probably do fine properly introduced. I have no need for a crate-my foster mom leaves me and my fur sister alone all day, and we are perfectly trustworthy.
Here’s a few videos of me. Just press the links to make them play!
E-mail removed until hold is up.  Please note that due the higher costs associated with our international rescues, i.e. transportation and veterinary, the minimum donation for those dogs under one year old is $800, and $600 for those above.


Joplin’s ID# 4235