Meet Keaton – adoption pending!

Keaton has had an incredibly unfair shake in his first few years of life. After being rescued from an extremely abusive situation at only a little more than a year old, where his only interaction with humans had always been negative-he came in a scared, anxious boy, wary around people, scared of other dogs, never having experienced anything in life but pain and fear from both. After a month in foster, he was adopted by an older couple. Slowly, Keaton grew to trust them, while still remaining wary around strangers, and had begun to bond well with them, particularly his dad, when after almost a year, his dad was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer, and a few months later, so was his mom. And just like that, Keaton found himself homeless and back in the care of SCGRR again.

Unfortunately, while Keaton was well loved and had grown comfortable in his new home, despite our encouragement for continued training and socialization, his extremely quiet family had never exposed him to many new situations or experiences, nor introduced him to many dogs, since he had never been at ease in those situations from the onset. When he lost them, he lost his whole world, and he regressed. We were very fortunate when the wonderful trainer who had already worked with Keaton in the past and had grown quite fond of him, offered to take him in to her own home to foster and pick up their training where they had left off. Now, after a few months with her, he is on his way to becoming a well trained, well adjusted dog, and is ready to find his new home.

Because of Keaton’s difficult past, he lacks trust in strangers ( who could blame him!) and needs very slow introductions to new people. He also lacks trust in dogs he is unfamiliar with, but is non-reactive on walks and is incredibly obedient and easy to walk. It is SO important that Keaton’s life remain structured and controlled so that he can continue to progress as he has been. His foster mom and trainer has trained him extensively using his crate-he loves his crate, which is his safe place, it is has been the place though which all his new introductions to both people and dogs has been done, and it has proven to be an essential component in his continued progression.

With people he trusts, Keaton is the sweetest boy-he loves belly rubs, running and rolling in the grass, following his human(s) around. He loves his toys, bully sticks, and enjoys using brainwork during training time. He will do best in a quiet, adult, single dog home with an experienced dog owner, with a limited number of people coming and going, so that he can be the best dog that he can be. If you think you are able to give Keaton that kind of home, please contact his rep at

Keaton’s ID# is 3787 and his adoption fee is $500