King Arthur (AKA Bubba) * Forever In Our Hearts

Bubba is an old guy and a big guy. And a very very sweet guy. He’s learning fast. He came to us weighing 100 lbs, at least 15 pounds over weight.We’re working on it. :) Bubba has seizures apparently due to a brain tumor. He’s on medication which is keeping his seizures under control. Under the guidance of a neurologist we lowered his meds so he can function. Not that he needs to drive or hold down a job, but he’s happier and more interactive. And, so far, it’s working.

When he arrived, poor Bubba was so afraid of being dumped again, he wouldn’t go out at night to pee. I guess that’s when you are most likely to be locked outside by yourself and he would have none of it. His back legs are very weak but getting a bit stronger all the time. Now he interacts, wags his tail, comes when I call him, and he isn’t afraid of going outside at night (as long as I’m right by his side, that is). His body hurts him and the meds aren’t fun, but he’s doing well and we love having him here.

He loves his foster sibs including the cat.He and the cat have a special relationship. It’s really sweet. Cat loves Bubba and Bubba loves cat. I don’t know his history but I know he’s a really good guy and a very sweet boy and he deserves to be cherished and loved… and he is.

We recently lost our sweet, wonderful Bubba (King Arthur). He was an awesome guy and I miss him beyond words. What a character he was. A truly great guy. I am grateful that he was able to live the rest of his life here with us. Breaks my heart each time I lose one. Thank you for entrusting us to care for this sweet boy.