Meet Kopper!

Meet Kopper, a 3 yr old male chocolate Lab looking for fun and adventure.

Kopper’s time in rescue has been long, exposing him to many situations where we learned more and more about his needs, behaviors and figuring out his past. Too bad dogs can’t just sit down and talk with us over a beer……

Kopper is a dog trained to hunt and retrieve. He is higher energy, and can go for hours, if you want him to. His previous family was probably pretty good to him, but did not socialized him with other dogs. He loves his people and stuffed toys, gathering them in piles after giving each amply chew-time.

 Kopper is actually warry of other dogs, unless they take it slow, and he can trust first before greeting. This fear has manifest as aggression while in rescue. But we have been working with him and figured out a protocol.  He walks well on a leash now with his patient and disciplined foster mom.  We would want his new family to understand how and when to require good behaviors and when he is “free” to play. 

Being young, a family that is home most of the time, with older kids is preferred. Kopper likes little kids, but he would prefer to be your one-and-only fur-kid. Hikers and joggers would suit him just fine. Plenty of exercise and mental stimulation for Kopper is a must. 

Kopper is SMART – a high energy and high prey driven pup.  Very sweet with people and eager to please; well-mannered in the house and yard, loving long games of fetch. Kopper has a quick recall and will be sure to miss you when he wizzes by with ball in mouth.  It would be best if Kopper has ready access to a LARGE YARD, and a family who loves to work with their smart dogs.

Kopper is always ready for an adventure. He rides well in the car (and mostly will not bark at other dogs going by). He keeps his distance from the pool, but will readily trot through a stream. He is not ready for off-leash hiking yet (his love to chase critters just might take him over the next cliff). It is very likely, with consistent and proper training, Kopper could be trusted off leash. But not now. 

Kopper, ID #4456, is in rescue with Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue. He is living in the San Fernando Valley with his foster family. If you believe Kopper would love living with your family, please email his Representative and Volunteer at

 At age 3 years, his minimum adoption fee is: $500