Meet Kopper!

Please meet Kopper – your typical sweet, super smart, people-loving, high energy, playful, cuddly Labrador Retriever that’s working on his leash-aggression issue. He needs an active, dog savvy family, and a strong handler willing to continue to positively motivate him to not bolt away toward other dogs. Meeting him is to love him – he has so many amazing traits and characteristics. If you’re a runner/hiker, Kopper would love to accompany you (however, you will need to have a firm hold on the leash as he is fast and strong when he smells a lizard or rabbit in the bush) If you like to teach your dog new behaviors and words, Kopper is ready and willing to learn – and quick at it also. He is very food/treat motivated and is excited to meet all people.

Ideally, Kopper needs a large yard or acreage to safely run, explore and chase critters. He needs a strong handler who understands positive motivation for getting dog behaviors. He has a tendency to bolt in/outdoors and car liftgates but is learning “slow”. He is NOT OK at parks (unpredictable other dogs) but has recently accepted being very near two particular dogs we work with. He lived with a 9 yr old lab in his first foster home and did fine. Primarily it is small white dogs that trigger his chase instinct. Preferably, Kopper should be the only dog in an adult-only home. He has never lived with kids but likes them.

Kopper has been to a board & train and learned a protocol for walking past other dogs – his new family will want to continue with this protocol and learn it directly from his trainer. Kopper really likes to be outside, especially if you’re out there with him. And in the evenings, after you’ve thrown the ball for him for an hour or more, he’ll cuddle up right at your feet to catch the evening news.

Soft fluffy toys – with squeekies – are a must. He surrounds himself with all of his toys every night after dinner. He loves balls and he has his favorites to fetch and “drop it” so you can repeatedly throw it as far as you can….he’ll bring it right back as fast as he can.

If you would like to meet Kopper or talk about him joining your dog-savvy, active family, please contact his Representative @

Kopper is 3.5 years old and his adoption fee is $500.

Check out some videos of Kopper…