Meet Macron!

Meet Macron, an energetic, friendly and always happy immigrant for Turkey! “Mac” is a 1.5 yrs old-70 pound, black lab mix. A typical puppy, he’s still learning good manners so we’d like a family willing to keep him on-track – sit, down, wait, walking without pulling, no jumping, etc. He learns quickly and loves to please his humans.  Mac loves to play and wrestle and chase, so we suggest kids over 18 yrs old will be best for his size and energy. He is very happy to meet all people and dogs, giant and teeny-tiny, young and old. We do not know about cats, but most likely if they run, he will chase.
Macron likes to sleep in bed with you, but also is fine on his own. Mac will give you little kisses, but sometimes he’ll get really excited and want to mouth and chew on you. Telling him “no” gets him to redirect – or give him a stuffed toy (he loves those). This mouthy habit is typical of puppies.  Mac does not chew your belongings, but he likes to take them (like slippers) to engage you in play.  He also likes to check out what’s up on counters, and look at himself in the bathroom sink mirrors – so control and manage that space. 
Mac would love another large, young, friendly pup to be his buddy.  He is great with other dogs, large and small. Mac is great at dog parks, rides great in the car, is not a barker, and has had his first surfing lessons. Campers and beach-goers, this is the dog for YOU!  
Mac is very food-motivated. This is typical of dogs that come to us from other countries. Again, a control-manage approach at feeding time, and requiring him to “sit” first, then to take treats gently is highly recommended.
If you are an experienced dog-owner, looking for a really fun, happy doggy to join your family, please inquire about meeting Macron to his SCGRRESCUE.ORG Representative at
At 1.5 years old the minimum adoption donation for Macron is $600
Macron’s ID# 4270