Meet Miles – Adopted !


Buddy Miles is a happy-go-lucky pup on the search for his digs. What is he looking for? A devoted family that will give him lots of love and exercise. What does he need? A bit of training.

Buddy is your typical, loving golden with typical puppy behaviors. He has spent the majority of his life in a back yard where he has been his own boss so sometimes has difficulty with following the rules…like coming when called, or leaving things on the counter alone. He is an expert thief of socks, shoes, and remotes (and does not always return them in the same condition in which they were taken), and tends to jump up to greet or when he gets excited. Not having been exposed to leash walking in his early months, Buddy needs work on these manners as well. He is very strong and wants to meet and play with everyone he sees. The up side is you will make lots of new friends!

Buddy loves to go to the park and beach and is always up for a road trip. He is great with other dogs, very social, and playful. He is not a submissive pup but respectful, and listens when dogs tell him “enough is enough!” He has heard that plenty from his 9 y/o foster sister, Stella. Buddy loves kids, but be mindful that his lack of training could have small ones knocked over in his exuberance.

When Buddy is home, he has unobstructed access to the yard. He has not had an accident in the home but has not been left for long periods of time unsupervised. If you were paying attention earlier, you understand why. Actually, Buddy has the ability to go to work with his foster dad and has done well there too. Being let out at consistent intervals to do his business, we are going to say he is most likely house trained. There are times when Buddy can be vocal ~ like when dad leaves (but he settles quickly), or when he sees a cat. Since we are not sure of this exposure, we think a feline free home would be in the best interest of the cat.

If Buddy sounds like the pup of your dreams, contact cisco.7587@yahoo.com and let us know more about the home and life you will provide for him. Only families that have completed the application process, which includes a completed home visit by one of our volunteers, will be considered.

Miles ID# is 4121 and his adoption fee is $600