Meet Miriam – Adopted!

Meet Miriam, or Penny as her foster mom calls her. She came into rescue from the shelter because her owner could not afford to take care of Miriam. So SCGRR saved her and took her to the vet where she had entropian surgery on both eyes.
Miriam is still a puppy at approximately 1 1/2 years old and doesn’t realize how big she is. She is the sweetest dog and loves to be loved. Miriam is a Velcro Golden and follows her people all around the house. At her age, she is a very active girl and loves the dog park and long walks. She does calm down after long walks and can entertain herself with toys. She loves stuffed animals and is less interested in tennis balls. Instead, she prefers any errant shoes or socks she might come across-now those are fun! Miriam is learning to play tug of war and fetch.
Her leash manners need improvement, and she does pull a bit. Buses and loud skateboards have scared her during walks. She knows some commands: sit and down and is learning to shake and stay. Miriam does exhibit some separation anxiety, due possibly to a lack of confidence on her part. She was living with an older dog when she came into rescue, and the decision was made to separate them, as she was very persistent in trying to play with him, which he had little interest in. Miriam took it a little harder than he (not at all) and due that, we feel she would probably do best with a dog closer to her own age, maybe a little older, who could keep up with her youthful exuberance, as well as helping her build her confidence.
Miriam wants to please her people. She does have a gentle mouth and items can easily be removed without aggression or growling -she shows no sign of resource guarding. She is a submissive dog when playing with other dogs. She is not very food motivated and prefers to eat while her human is in the room. For her age, she has pretty good house manners-she does not beg and does very little counter surfing, correcting easily when told. Miriam is house trained and does ride okay in the car (as long as you don’t feed her right before the ride). She prefers to sleep on the bed and is housebroken.
Miriam will do well in a semi-active home with another canine companion a little older to help her build her confidence. A family with no small children would be best for her at this point, as she loves to lay on top of her humans, and she is too much dog for the real little ones. As well, Miriam needs to have a human around much, if not all of the time, as she is still very much puppy, and 8+ hours alone or in a kennel will not work for her. Because of her age and desire to play, a feline free home is best.
If you feel your family is right for Miriam and have completed BOTH your application AND in home interview, please contact her representative at inmemorychief@gmail.com
At 1.5 years old, the minimum adoption donation for Una is $600.
 Miriam’s ID# is 4313