Meet Mohawk!

Mohawk (Moe) is a true survivor – hailing from a meat trade rescue in the north of China…finding his way to a rescuer in Shanghai. He had Demodex, a large scar on the back of his neck and is missing part of his ear flap. He arrived in the US as Golden as can be – happy to see everyone, wagging his tail. He is flourishing in foster care and is ready to find his soul mate(s). And yes…he was named for his unique hair style of a natural cowlic atop his head.

Mohawk is a high energy pup and loves to play. He will need plenty of exercise such as long/frequent walks, running, or joining someone next to a scooter or a bike. He loves his foster fur sibling and would also enjoy another young dog to frolic with – play chase and wrestle. He loves balls, kongs, bully sticks and antlers. In Mohawk’s case, a tired dog is a good dog. He knows how to use a doggy door. We loves his baths and may do well in and around water but he has not discovered the pool or ocean yet.

Despite his age, Mohawk displays many of the typical ‘puppy’ tendencies such as play biting, collecting (but not damaging) shoes, jumping (with hugging) and leash pulling. He has learned “sit”. He is also a good, if not a little over-vigilant watchdog with a strong bark. He will react to loud TV noises such as war movies or dogs barking on TV. We imagine over time and with patience, he may learn to distinguish between the wind blowing, TV sounds and intruder noises. Because of this, Mohawk will need a family with older (teenage) kids or adults only who are willing to work with him in these areas.

Based on his reaction to cats at the vet’s office, we don’t advise cats in the home.

If you are willing to work with Mohawk on his training as well as wear him out, you will be rewarded at the end of the day with a very affectionate and cute lap dog. He loves to cuddle and / or lay on your lap. He loves laying with you on the sofa but has respected his foster home’s rule to stay off the bed.

If you are looking for an energetic and affectionate pup and willing to put in some work, you could be the one for Mohawk. If you have completed your application and home visit please contact Nedra at

At 4-5 years old and from China, the minimum adoption donation for Mohawk is $600

Mohawk’s ID# 4542