Meet Nika

We have had her for about 2 years. She is definitely a velcro dog. Follows us everywhere we go. Very easy going personality, gets along with all dogs and loves our cat Disney very much. Disney loves to ‘groom’ her and Bailey just sits there and lets her do it.
Bailey enjoys her daily walks with my husband though she can’t go more than about 20 – 30 minutes as she is exhausted. Her energy level is not that of a regular golden probably due to her kidney disease.

She tires very quickly, sleeps as good portion of the day and night and snores very loud! Bailey is on a special diet prescribed by the vet and we supplement the boring dry food with steamed vegetables and homeopathic drops for dogs in kidney distress. So far this seems to work as her recent blood work came back a bit better than when we got her two years ago. Bailey often has a playdate with my sisters dog Romeo and they enjoy getting together.

She loves to go on car rides to pick the kids up from school daily though she usually just goes to sleep in the car. We do have a pool but she is not one to partake in swimming though she will get onto the first step when we are in there.

She is not into tennis balls like most goldens but does enjoy bringing out the kids clothes from their bedroom and dropping them all around the house as if to say yes, you left me home and I was bored…