Meet Optimus Prime – Adopted!

Completely transformed since his time in rescue, Optimus Prime defies the typical stereotypes of a 12 year old golden. While sweet and gentle, he is active and playful, and has the energy of a pup almost half his age.

Somehow Prime ended up in a shelter unclaimed. Upon his jailbreak he did not waste any time hopping into the van and claiming a seat by the window. Always up for a road trip, Prime loves trips to the dog park where he is quick to make many friends, both canine and human (anyone who will throw a ball really) and the beach. During this last heat wave, a trip to the beach confirmed Prime’s aquatic abilities.

Here are a couple of outings ~ a trip to the park and a day at the beach!

Prime is well trained, has excellent leash and house manners, is great with kids, dogs, we are not so sure about cats. He is a gentle guy (and extremely smart) so he would probably learn to respect kitty’s boundaries. He loves to play ball, tug-o-war, and tends to get caught up in a game of keep-away now and then…if he can get the toy away from his pal Bobby!

Optimus is in prime health considering his age. He was a bit neglected, which was evident by his coat upon arrival, but shows no signs of arthritis or other ailments that plague older dogs. Unable to produce tears in his right eye, he does require prescription eye drops once a day, and takes it like a champ.

Most will pass over a 12 year old golden just based on age; most will be missing out on a golden surprise. Optimus Prime will make a fabulous companion for any family. If you are interested in meeting this golden gent, and have completed your home visit, contact and let us know about the life you can provide our boy.

Prime’s ID# is 4114. At 12 years young, his adoption fee is $300