Meet Radar!

Say hello to big beautiful Radar. Radar’s family situation changed, and this sadly necessitated finding a new home for him. He has been with us long enough now, and is now ready to find that new forever home.
Radar has been a great houseguest at his foster home. He is potty trained, and has pretty good house manners despite being just a pup. While he does enjoy destroying his own toys, he seems to know what is his and what is not for the most part, leaving the kids stuff mostly untouched. He neither counter surfs nor jumps, and happily shares treats and toys with his older foster fur sister. He gets along great with all other dogs, and even interacts well with the family guinea pig. We do not know about cats, but the feeling is he’d be pretty chill with them.
Radar loves the water, and loves exploring the canyon and swimming in the creek at his foster home. He likes spending time in the baby pool, and has been eyeing the big pool much more closely-he is definitely a water dog. He enjoys car rides, and trips to the doggy park. His leash manners could use a little extra work, as he does pull, but when off leash, he is very responsive, knowing his name and returning quickly when called. He rides well in the car, enjoying sticking his head out the window soaking in the sights, and very happy to be traveling with his humans.
Radar is a total velcro boy, wanting to be with his people at all times. He loves attention and affection, and enjoys cuddling with his humans. Even though very calm for his age, he is still a puppy, and needs a healthy dose of exercise and activity to keep him happy, engaged, and tired. Radar has a laid back, easy going temperament-his foster mom says that if she were to describe his personality, it would be surfer dude, everything pretty much taken in stride, and mostly unfazed by everything going on around him. He loves other dogs, and meeting them, but in a totally non-threatening manner, and seems well liked by the other canines at the local dog park.
Radar would like to find an active family to adopt him. He loves having something to do, and really enjoys exploring his surroundings, spending lots of time checking out the hillside at his foster home with his sister Dixie. He does have a good bit of energy, which he works off with Dixie, and is able to entice her to play even when she is not particularly interested in doing so. A large yard with a pool that he would be welcome to enjoy would be a plus for him. If you have completed BOTH your application and your in home interview, and would like to give Radar his new home, please contact his rep at
At 17 months old, the minimum adoption donation for Radar is $600.
 Radar’s ID# is 4304