Meet River – Adopted!

River is a big bear of a dog who came to us from Taiwan. Found wandering the streets, his coat was dirty and matted when he was rescued. He was also emaciated and dehydrated. He was taken by our Taiwan rescuer to the vet, where he was treated and neutered. After viewing x-rays of him, the vets noticed his heart did not look right- they did further testing and an ultrasound of his heart, and confirmed that he has mild valvular heart disease, also known as mitral valve disease. Luckily, a great many mitral valve disease patients don’t require any treatment at all until they show symptoms. River shows no symptoms at all, no heart murmur, which is usually the first symptoms, nor any shortness of breath, and it was decided he should come to the U.S. to find his new forever home.
River is a great dog-he has a wonderful, easygoing temperament, quite typical of the dogs that come from there despite the horrible lives many lived while there. He is a big boy-everything on him, like his heart, is big, and he has the biggest paws any of us have ever seen on a dog-they are HUGE (check out his video to get a feel for those paws-he looks, and walks, like a polar bear).He gets along ith absolutely everyone he meets, two legged and four. He has not met any felines, but I am fairly certain he would be fine with them, too. He happily shares his toys and treats with his foster golden doodle little brother, although he has little interest in playing with him, despite all his best efforts. He walks very well on his leash, and is enjoying the new experience of riding in cars, head hanging out the window.
River is very sweet and very docile, loves being pet and loved on. He follows his foster mom everywhere-he loves to be with his people. He has been gentle with kids he has met, and we would not hesitate to place him in a home with even very little ones. He does not require a lot of exercise, nor does he need a large yard-he prefers to be inside with his pack. He would be fine as an only dog, or with another mellow, older canine . All he really needs is a comfortable, safe home to live out his golden years in, and a family to love him. If you think you would like to be the family that can provide him with that, please contact his rep at
 At 8 years old and coming from abroad, the minimum adoption donation for River is $600 due to transportation costs
River’s ID# 4410