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Meet Sarge and Oreo – Adoption Pending!

Meet Sarge and Oreo! They are a pair of really well behaved boys who need nothing more that a loving home.
This pair was given to SCGRR when their owners realized they had too much going on with a new baby to properly care for them. We appreciated their decision because these dogs were definitely loved and ready to pass that love onto a new family. They lived in the house with another dog and cat, and prefer to be with their people. Both dogs are house trained and know basic commands. They are playful, loving and friendly- simple as that. The boys roam as a pack and are quite a fun pair, so we would like to find an adoptive home that would enjoy both of them.
Sarge is almost 7 years old and is an easy going, velcro Golden. He loves to do anything, as long as it is near you. He will sit still next to you while getting rubbed, then lay quietly next to you when you stop. When you move, he will most likely follow you. He likes to lay under desks or tables. He sleeps on the floor next to the bed, but if allowed, he would be happy to be on the couch or bed with you. Sarge is a little overweight, but he has quickly adjusted to a more modest diet with daily walks and is getting in shape quickly. He is very easy going, even tolerating tooth brushing at his foster home without complaint. He greets other dogs and strangers easily, and rarely barks. Occasionally, he shows slight hesitancy or submissive behavior toward the male foster parent, but no aggression. He is very smart and walks on or off leash very well.
Oreo is a 5 year old terrier mix with soft grey fur who loves to be petted. He would prefer to be your lap dog, but is not needy. He rarely barks and tends to follow the lead of Sarge. Oreo will perch on the top of the couch to keep an eye on Sarge and the family (think Snoopy the vulture), and he prefers to sleep on the bed near your feet(close but not too close). He is very playful and enjoys soft toys. These boys are ideal for a family who wants ready-to-go dogs (fully trained, good manners, etc.).
The foster family has a 10 year old Golden, and 3 kids (13, 11 and 7). Sarge and Oreo get along with everybody, and the younger kids successfully take them for walks on their own. The boys have such good manners, they will not take food from counters or the hands of small children (see picture of them with our 18 month old neighbor). They behave while the family is away and they will both eagerly greet you at the door every time you come home, tails wagging. Oreo and Sarge need very little, just some people to love them.
If you would enjoy some really well behaved companionship, and have completed your SCGRR Application ad Home Visit, please contact Karen at The two words they are both waiting to hear is “Your Home”.
At 7 years old, the minimum adoption donation for Sarge is $350.
Oreo’s donation TBD.
Sarge’s ID# is 3248
Oreo’s ID# is 3249