Meet Sassy

Due to very bad “back yard breeding” this little 8 month old baby, needed heart surgery. SCGRRescue was faced with either allowed this pup to die or committing to taking her of her. We made the decision to go forward.

The heart surgery she had on the June 16th, 2012 did exactly what we hoped for. The leak between the pulmonary artery and the aorta is now closed. She might have anywhere between 2 yrs and 9 years (or possibly longer) to spend with us in this life. The bright side is that without the surgery she successfully completed, she wouldn’t have been around much more than 2 months. Things have been touch and go this year, but we hope this baby will be around for a very long time and in good health!!

SCGRRescue has committed to managing Sassy’s heart & kidney care in conjunction with her wonderful “mom”